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Derek Hagar has been in the shock rebuild business for several years and has used it to his advantage to stay ahead on track. Derek founded DHR Suspension in May 2015 and has had a ton of success with his customers in a short amount of time!

Join the winning team and get your shocks performing at their max

DHR suspension offer extremely fast turn around time!

Send your shocks in for Dyno testing on a top of the line Roehrig shock Dyno
Rates are
10.00 for non adjustable shocks
12.50 for single adjustable shocks
15.00 for Double Adjustable shocks

Getting your shocks serviced so they perform their best lap after lap will make your performance on track more consistent!

Rates start at
Standard rebuild kits 70.00
Single Adjustable 75.00
Double Adjustable 85.00

All rates include labor, rebuild kit, and Dyno time. Revalving of shock will cost extra

We can hit special valve numbers to meet the customers liking, there will be a extra charge of 35.00$ plus parts on top of the rebuild kit per hour until the shock meets the customers specifications

All shocks will be equipped with Dyno sheets so you can keep a file with what your shock is.

We also offer torsion bar tested on a Maxwell torsion bar Dyno

Rates are
15.00$ a bar or 12$ a bar for 10 or more bars at a time.
Torsion bars will be serialized and kept on record for future reference. Dyno sheets will be included with the torsion bar.

DHR suspension services all major shock brands including:
Penske shocks
Pro Shocks
Afco Shocks
Integra Shocks
Ohlins shocks
Off road shocks
Fox shocks
Bilstien shocks

Our Brands

Penske Racing Shocks
Pro Shocks
Afco Racing
Integra Racing Shocks